Carlo Maria PALERMO

pcprofile_cmpABOUT ME
Born in 1983, I am graduated in International Studies and European Institutions. I am active in JEF since 1997 (I was 14) and I have been active in different JEF levels: in 2007 I became President of JEF-Lombardy. From 2007 to 2013 I was been member of JEF-Italy Federal Committee, later on, from 2009 to 2013, I was elected to the National Board of JEF-Italy before as National coordinator for Training office (09-11), after as Debate office co-chair (11- 13). At JEF Europe Congress of Helsinki, I have been elected Member of the Executive Board of JEF Europe from 2011 to 2013. During this very intense period, I have been responsible for EU internal and Government Affairs (EB supervisor for PC1), on behalf of the EB. I have coordinate to pan-European actions October action week in 2012 and so-called 12.12.12 action week, both centered on main political integration issues (it took part more than 15 JEF sections and were organized in strong cooperation with UEF Europe). Moreover, I coordinated 9th May actions in 2012 and 2013. I have been, on behalf of the EB, responsible for bigger sections: Norway, Finland, Austria, Germany, France and Italy. In 2013, at JEF Europe Congress of Paris, I was re-elected Federal Committee Member and I served, alongside my colleague Urs Poetzsch, Co-Chair of Political Commission on Institutions and Governance (PC1). We worked very hard on main EU institutional issues working on several policies during these years. We have also co-organized together with the JEF EB and UEF Secretariat, a seminar on Institutional future of Europe in Berlin.

After a very long shift in JEF-Europe, I would like to contribute to creating a suitable environment to maximum cooperation among National Sections and between them and European level. During last years, JEF Europe has grown a lot and improved its ability to act as a community with its policies and events at National and European level. I believe, nevertheless, we could improve again. I put on Organization’s service my experience and capabilities to get closer different sensitiveness with JEF Europe in order to build a healthier and political and organizational common culture.

I believe in a mature organization in which all of the different components contribute to the creation of a better Europe, where the younger generation can benefit from the acquired rights and greater prosperity  improving  their  condition  for themselves  and  for all citizens.  I think JEF Europe should continue to be committed to greater political integration. Now we live in a continent where political and economic crisis has now many faces: the sovereign debt crisis, migration crisis, the crisis of effectiveness. We can improve just promoting deeper Political and Economic Union, an essential pillar to going toward a genuine European Federation.

Political commissions should be maintained and enforced. Since last Paris Congress has been enforced linkage between EB(+Presidium) and PC Chairs ensuring an effective supervision and working continuity. Common initiatives (UEF-JEF PCs Seminars), alongside UEF-Europe, has given more input for internal reflection on key issues and create a stable interactive channel between UEF- Europe and JEF-Europe Boards and Commission Chairs. Task Force should work as a collector of initiative among EB, Political Commission and National Sections, keeping inputs coming from the EB (from its daily political management works, networking) and from PC works and approved policies and taking in account Sections needs and peculiar situations.


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