Foto Urs PoetzschAbout Me
I studied law focusing on European law and am currently writing my PhD thesis on fundamental rights protection in the EU. I joined JEF in 2007 and have been directly elected member of the Federal Committee since 2013. During the last two years I chaired the Political Commission on Institutions and Governance (PC1) together with Carlo Maria Palermo.

Motivation for the position
The Arbitration Board is not very know among JEF’s statutory bodies – and that is a very good fact. It proofs that the organisation is running smoothly. However, a very active and constantly growing organisation like JEF needs to be prepared to settle differences whenever they occur. I would like to contribute my long JEF experience and my legal skills to the work of the future Arbitration Board to make sure it remains a body little known within JEF.

 My Vision of the Future of JEF
I consider the Arbitration Board to be a neutral body, so I do not want to make political or organisational proposals. However, I think JEF is a great organisation and I hope the future JEF team will continue the fruitful work of the past years.


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