IMG_0780_pieniAbout Me
I have been Treasurer of JEF Europe since 2013 and before that I was active in JEF-Finland in 2009–2013. My years in JEF have only helped to increase my commitment to civil society action and working towards a European Federation. Besides JEF, I’m also active in UEF-Finland and European Movement in Finland. I study political science in my hometown, Turku, and work in a bank in my “spare time”. I’m turning 30 just shortly before the Congress.

Motivation for the position
Financial administration is seldom a purpose in itself for any organisation, but like for so many others, a sound financial basis and well-run administration in JEF are vital in ensuring that the organisation as a whole can function and work effectively towards its goals. Finances may not be described glamorous by some but there is power in numbers, and something well begun is half done. I would like to carry on making sure that the financial administration of JEF-Europe is on such a sound basis. As an Auditors committee member, I would also like to be engaged in any work group or task force that will work towards diversification of funding and developing new funding opportunities for different levels of JEF sections.

My Vision of the Future of JEF
During the current mandate, we have worked towards solidifying the basis for multiannual funding of JEF Europe and have been relatively successful. Also, the level of professional financial administration and management has been reasonably satisfactory. It is important to ensure that these both are on at least a satisfactory level and are critically examined and developed as needed. What needs significantly more work is to develop a broad basis and new ways of funding for JEF in the future. JEF may do more work with foundations and private organisations and explore new ways of raising funds.

My Opinion on the needed Political Commissions and Taskforces/Working Groups
The political commissions have been divided thematically in a good way and have produced results. The work groups and task forces ought to be set up around key topics that need to be addressed internally or externally. Care should be exercised so that working structures are set up not for historical reasons but rather based on actual need and purpose. Sufficient support should be given to the PCs and WGs in order to ensure that all have the opportunity to achieve their goals. Ultimately though, the final division of labour will depend on the persons elected and active in the organisation and the work plan that they set out for the organisation.


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