I am a member of the JEF family since 2008. I first joined the local section at Lake Constance in southern Germany and was mainly involved with campaigning work for the EP elections in 2009. After a period of living overseas, I returned to Europe and JEF in 2012 when I moved to Berlin, joined the Berlin-Brandenburg Section and served as treasurer of JEF Germany for two years (2012-2014). During these two years I gained insights and experience in the application and administration processes in the public sphere. Also, I constantly worked for an active exchange on financial issues throughout JEF Germany. For JEF Europe, I served as internal auditor these past two years and am also part of the credential committee for this year’s EuCo.

Regarding the financial management of JEF Europe, there are three key issues for me that need to be addressed and balanced:

  • Independence: First and foremost, financial independence is crucial for any civil society organization. During the past years, I encouraged a diversification of funds and a critical stance towards political interference from donors. In the past two years, there were already some successes regarding the diversification achieved by Henrik and Ioan. If I will be reelected as internal auditor, I would continue to monitor JEF Europe’s efforts to ensure financial independence.
  • Accountability: I regard internal and external accountability as one of the most important aspects of the financial architecture of JEF Europe. This comes with a transparent and smooth bookkeeping routine as well as with an open dialogue with all member sections. During the past two years I observed already high working standards in the bookkeeping routine. I think however more could be done in engaging members of JEF Europe in discussing and developing financial strategies, therefore I encourage the active continuation of the Taskforce on financial issues.
  • Capacity: All this needs to be balanced against the capacity of the European Secretariat. Financial Management requires a lot of time and attention to detail. Nevertheless, equal resources should be directed towards the political work of JEF Europe.

On a more personal note: I am 28 years old and currently live in Berlin. I hold a degree in political science and one in public management. I enjoy politics (obviously), statistics (true story), snowboarding, singing and good food.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend the European Congress. If you have any questions you can email me (lisa.ditlmann AT or drop me a message on Facebook.

I would be happy to be reelected as member of the auditors’ committee for the next two years and wish us all a constructive and successful debate and decision making during the European Congress in Zurich and beyond.


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