Christopher POWERS

chrisAbout Me:
My name is Chris Powers and I am 22 years old. I have just completed an undergraduate degree in History in Cambridge, UK, and have recently moved to Warsaw where I am studying a Master’s at the College of Europe. I helped nurture the revived Cambridge branch in 2012, from which the fightback of British JEFers began across the UK. I am now doing my bit to support Warsaw and JEF Poland more generally.

I fell in love with JEF from my very first seminar in March 2013. The positive energy was and is contagious and for me it is the main reason why someone in the UK (or anywhere) should want to pay their membership fee. It is a welcome break from the gloom of defending Britain against nationalists when we federalists really want to dream of the Europe we can build. To serve at the European level is therefore a privilege, not a job.

That being said, we have not yet built Jerusalem across our green and pleasant continent, and JEF is not without its challenges. Having experienced first-hand the struggles of a smaller section, I want to have contact between all levels of JEF so that support can be given to those who need it. Secondly, after myself pivoting eastward to Warsaw I would like to pivot the whole of JEF with me. Eastern and Central Europe has a smaller and weaker JEF presence than the west and the north. I want to give some attention to growing and spreading JEF across this region, because if JEF can’t be strong everywhere, then we cannot expect Europe to be the same. I will also take the opportunity to reiterate JEF’s commitment to the Treaty of Rome and to bringing all Europeans into ever closer union, from the Atlantic to the Urals. War has returned to Europe once again in the east and if we want to attain the dreams of peace that our movement is built on, then we must complete the jigsaw. That starts with us JEFers.

My vision on the future of JEF:
To quote Daft Punk, “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.” If we keep on our trajectory, and do our best as an EB to crank up the volume, then I think we will be an ever greater force for good. I will, if elected, be doing all I can to move JEF onwards and upwards.

Harder – A more resilient JEF with stronger lines of communication from the grassroots to the top, and the resources to be able to help those sections facing the greatest challenges.

Better – A JEF that truly represents the continent, with JEFers not only in all EU member states, but in all European countries, and a replacement of any Potemkin villages out there with stable and prosperous sections.

Faster – A JEF that can respond quickly to help problems that sections and branches are experiencing, both in terms of their organisation and in the political contexts in which they operate.

Stronger – A JEF that can speak with a loud and coherent voice, both fighting nationalism and proposing our enlightened alternatives.


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