About Me
I am a politics enthusiast with expertise in communications. I have worked in communications agencies and interned in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. This is hopefully my last year as a student as I just started to work on my master’s thesis at the University of Helsinki. In my studies, I have specialized in global political economy and global governance. A can-do attitude helps me to manage new projects. I have been a member of the executive board of JEF Finland for the last two years and in 2010. I chair the working group for communications. Among other things, the comms working group and I aim for making JEF Finland’s presence in social media more professional and the tone more distinctive. I am also the vice international officer and a member of a committee that represents Finnish youth organisations in the Structured Dialogue process.

Motivation for the position
Europe lacks the sense of direction and prospects, and it is in a hurry to rediscover its ability to deliver peace and prosperity for its citizens. Europe needs a vision and more common, not separate objectives and tools to reach the vision. As high flying as it may sound, running for JEF EB is my way of participating in this project. You have to start from somewhere!

My Vision of the Future of JEF
We should keep up the good work with providing well-thought-out policy alternatives. Cause that’s what Europe desperately needs. From my point of view, this should be our priority as well as communicating our ideas boldly to European citizens, in Brussels and beyond. The second priority is to offer meaningful ways for our members and sections to participate. In practice, this means improving our internal and external communications and continuously evaluating how we organize our activities and of course, acting according to the feedback we receive.

My Opinion on the needed Political Commissions and Taskforces/Working Groups
I am happy with the current number and scope of PCs. From my point of view, there are three reasons to establish and maintain taskforces. First, taskforces are good for one-off items that benefit from group planning and/or execution. Second, TFs are useful when delegating responsibilities and tasks in areas where the workload is ‘endless’. Third, TFs enable our members to participate in the workings of JEF in a meaningful manner. I support every taskforce that fits into these criteria.


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