Narcis George MATACHE

About Me
During the past three years, I have spent most of my free time being politically active in the Social Democrat movement. I have led and won three campaigns (local, European and National) and led to the empowerment of non-danish European citizens.

My JEF career started in 2014, in the North Denmark Section, where I have eventually become chairman in February 2015.  Since then europaeisk ungdom nordjylland replaced the dsu (danish youth social-democrat) as my voluntary full-time job. When I took over the organization as chairman, there were only two active members. Today, while I am preparing the next generation to take over, we have over 30 active members, office in the center of the city, direct support from the local university and municipality and high awareness in the local society.

Also, besides participating quite often in all the JEF Europe events, i am also going to other high-level conferences, where I always act as an ambassador for JEF, and recruit new members for any section we have in Europe.

Motivation for the position
I am running to become member of the executive board, as I consider that our organization needs stronger roots in order to support higher-level ambitions, and I strongly believe that I can play a role in that, due to my past experience.

in order to be able to become an opinion-maker, and gain the ability to influence potential referendums regarding further integration into the European project, we need to have strong roots that can only be formed by having an active, ambitious and fluid organization.

my first objective would be to start a dialogue with all the local sections and discover their abilities and their weaknesses. while evaluating, I will try to match the abilities with weaknesses, in order not only to strengthen each section but to also build durable bridges between them. as a timeline, this evaluation can take up to one year, including the phase two, the matching.

my second objective would be to find interested groups in countries we do not have a section and build tools for them (based on best practices learnt in the first objective) together with motivational supervision to ensure their bloom into new recognized sections.

the last objective (if time will allow) will be to create an organizational culture that supports mechanisms of continuity, which are not based on individuals, but interest groups. for example, my local organization has a continuous stream of members from the European studies program at the local university, which ensures continuity, allowing the organization to not depend on one individual.

My Vision of the Future of JEF
As noticed in my motivation, my first concern and priority for jef is strengthening the core, the roots that support the organization in order to allow us to influence important moments or crises in the European union future.

At the moment, the European project is being challenged by the climate change and war refugees issue, and every time we faced similar high-level challenges, we responded with more and deeper integration. this means, now it could be the best moment to argue for a federal Europe or at least a more united Europe.

In the past, thanks to strong roots, we managed to take advantage of the crises and push Europe forward. Today, we are not as strong as in the past, but we do have the potential to become even better, and achieve our final dream.

My Opinion on the needed Political Commissions and Taskforces/Working Groups

  • Federal Europe task force (exploit the current crisis and propose further integration)
  • European enlargement task force (considering that some sections are not in the union yet, there should be some focus on their situation as well)
  • Energy union task force
  • Digital single market task force
  • Economic and monetary union task force
  • Fiscal union task force

The last 4 proposals for task forces are there because we should collaborate with the current commission in order to have a dual-benefit relationship.



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