Abdul Kerim AYDEMIR

abdulAbout me
My name is Abdul Kerim AYDEMIR. I am a member of JEF Austria for more than eight years now and currently the federal president of our section. I grew up in the most western part of Austria which doesn’t stopped me being active at JEF, especially JEF Europe. I have been the Co-Chair of the Task Force Organization which dealt with internal communication and bringing in efficiency and standards into our organization. Working internationally together with my JEF colleagues with the aim of reaching our goals and transferring JEF one step further is a leading thought of my application for the Federal Committee 2015-2017.

Motivation for the position
I want to continue chairing/co-chairing the TF Organization as Chris and I have started a project to bring together all information of all sections regarding events, workshops, hook-ups, etc. to be able to publish it to anybody within the JEF network. Especially lokal sections that newer heard about JEF EU events should be able to get to know it. Additionally, I want to work on more efficient meetings (FCs) together with the sections as well as offer various internal trainings like debating, presentation, etc. Being a chair/co-chair of a specific Task Force doesn’t mean that all the other Task Forces are unimportant. Supporting other TFs, if needed, counts also to the duties of a chair/co-chair. Just together – with many ideas – we can be successful in that what we do.

Vision for the future of JEF
JEF has developed itself strongly in the last few years. JEF is more visible, is known by other important NGOs, the European Institutions as well as within the national governments. Cooperation with neighboring sections as well as through the twinning program has helped national, regional and local sections to get involved more deeply and to get to know each other. There has been an exchange of information about best practices, fundraising and ways of communication together. My aim, as a member of the next Federal Committee, is to bring JEF one step further – together. I want to continue my work in the TF Organization to find more efficient ways to organize any kind of events beyond the boundaries as well as to improve internal efficiency besides external appearance. Sharing best practices how a section can grow in a sustainable way is also a point on my agenda. Especially new and small sections need a supporting hand to find (active) members to plan, conduct and evaluate events within their sections. Furthermore, politically I want to see JEF developing to an organization that should be consulted by other institutions first, especially when it comes to the voice of the European youth. To reach all of this goals, I want to commit with a high motivation and the resources we – as JEF Austria as well as I personally – have.

My Opinion on the needed Political Commissions and Taskforces/Working Groups
As I have taken part in many Federal Committee Meetings, I support the three given Political Commissions: 
– Institutions and Governance
– Internal European Policy
– External Affairs and Global Europe
Sometimes I miss a right political discussion within the PCs, if we have too many internal resolutions which are (just) important for JEF, but that have no effects on external appearance. Therefore, a fourth PC dealing with internal, institutional resolutions could be founded. Regarding the Task Forces, my opinion is that these have to be discussed and founded together as they also deal with current, brisant issues (like the TF European Elections of last year). For sure, we have to keep the following TFs:
– Organization
– Partnerships and networking
– Small and new sections
– Finances and fundraising

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