Claire DARMÉ

claireAbout me:
My name is Claire Darmé and I have been a member of the outgoing EB for two years. My experience in JEF is split between several sections: France, the UK and Poland. As an EB member I’ve been trying among other things to develop a twinning programme for local sections and to improve the circulation of best practices within JEF so that our European dimension really becomes an asset for sections at every level.

For personal reasons (namely the birth of my daughter) I feel like a commitment at the FC level is more in line with my personal availability at the moment. I also want to be able to focus more on specific ideas, like coordinating programmes and tools, and would therefore probably apply for chairing any taskforce, working group, or whatever structure the next EB sets up to deal with internal growth and cohesion. Finally, I hope having a former EB member within the FC will participate in maintaining a good working relationship between these two bodies of JEF. I will apply for chairing or co-chairing any taskforce, working group, or whatever structure the next EB sets up to deal with internal growth and cohesion. I want to be able to build on the work started during this term, to take it further.

My vision for the future of JEF:
Two years as an EB member have shown me the tremendous possibilities our organisation offers at every level – local, national and European. The past two years have also been a time where the lack of a federal structure within the EU has been the cause of many flaws and distressing outcomes of European politics, not least towards refugees. JEF is at the forefront in terms of ideas and values; we have a historical duty to keep working hard to remind people why the European project is needed, and why only a federal one makes sense. A stronger and more coherent JEF will carry out this task by reaching out to as many European citizens as we can encounter.

My Opinion on the needed Political Commissions and Taskforces/Working Groups
The general structure of PCs is a rather good one and can be very functional, as shown by PC2 – the one I was following as an EB member during the last term. Léonie and Angelika did a great job in coordinating the set up of solid materials for JEFers discussing topics related to internal affairs of the EU in various forums, especially in the EYF thanks to the JEF ambassador programme thought through by Peter and run by Marta. However the topics are sometimes too transversal to be dealt with under one of our three labels, and we could think of one or two focus groups in order to set up not only a position but a strategy for JEF in important matters such as asylum, which requires a discussion of the structure of the EU, the transposition of EU law and cooperation with third countries. Regarding taskforces there is an obvious need for at least one group working on strengthening and developing JEF internally. Actually, I believe every taskforce should be targetted towards sharing of experiences – and all could contribute to the plaftorm we have created this term. A focus for a new working group could be the development of skills at an individual level, by organising training on how to be a trainer for instance. A “training” taskforce could work on how to make JEF a more credible and professional body at the lowest – but most important – level. Other than that there could be, in addition to taskforces on partnerships or finances, a group working on pan-European actions. That could help the EB in thinking, producing and sending materials well in advance to all sections, and in making more sections involved in their drafting and therefore in their happening.”


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