About Me
My name is Giulia and I am an active member of Jef  Italy since the last year of high school. I began my engagement in the local section of Pavia attending the meetings and the local seminar to extend and deepen my knowledge about European and federalist matters, later on taking part in the actions such as the street actions and the drafting of articles for university papers or blog in order to understand the way to transfer the ideas in actions. Then I became the treasurer of my local section and I helped to maintain the contacts with the members. I also held the role of secretary of my regional section for four years during which I tried to coordinate the activity of the local sections. I’m also active at the national level, in fact, I am a member of the Italian federal committee. I was a member of the previous Italian board, in particular, I was responsible for training and recruitment matters. I’m also involved at the European level in particular following the work of the political commissions; I also attended several international seminars and statutory meetings.

Motivation for the position
I apply to the federal committee to bring my experience and my commitment to the development of documents and political strategies and, therefore, to process the contents of the campaign and the necessary tools for action. If elected I would like to be involved in the work of the commission dedicated to the internal policies of EU to highlight what are the steps needed to reach a real federation in Europe. I also want to put myself at the disposal of the sections that encounter problems in implementing the action to help them to improve and strengthen their organization.

My Vision of the Future of JEF
I believe that the priority of Jef in the coming years should be to deepen the analysis of the current global situation in order to develop specific answers to the serious issues that Europeans will have to face in the coming years. It’s also fundamental to implement campaigns and actions effective and able to address as many people as possible. It’s essential to involve all the sections and the members in the decision process and to enhance their ideas, feelings and abilities.

My Opinion on the needed Political Commissions and Taskforces/Working Groups
I think the political commissions should be three:
One focused on the internal affairs of the Union to propose the necessary reforms to the European institutions and policies in order to deepen the integration of Europe and make the Union more democratic and responsive to the needs of citizens. Another one focused on the problems of foreign affairs to analyze and try to respond to the many crises that occur in the world even at the borders of Europe. The last one should focus on economic and social issues in order to understand the effects of the crisis and globalization on the European social model and to propose solutions for example to the issues of development and unemployment. One of the task forces may be dedicated to the strengthening of the sections, the exchange of best practices for instance about the recruitment and the developing of a partnership between sections. Another might be focused on the development of relations with other youth political and social organizations to be sure to spread our ideas outside our sections and to involve other organization in our actions. It would help a task force dedicated to the dissemination of Jef content on media and to the exploitation of the ever new possibilities offered by the web and the social networks. The last one could focus on the problem of financing to find new methods to increase and diversify the fundraising.


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