kuva2015About Me
I first got engaged with JEF in 2012/13 when I learned about the activities of JEF Finland. I then joined the regional association of JEF Tampere where I hold the presidency and from 2015 on the national level as a member of board of JEF Finland. To me JEF has without a doubt given more than any other organization: it has developed both my substantial and organizational skills by enabling me to take part in a wide range of  activities as well as increased my knowledge about the European societies. Furthermore, thanks to JEF, I have been able to gain relevant skills and contacts that have proven helpful in working life. I recently entered my first year of master’s at Science Po Strasbourg in France. I study IR; in particular, European affairs. Moreover, I’m engaged with current European issues as the press officer in the EU’s delegation to the Council of Europe. I’m responsible for external communication of the delegation as well as some thematic issues.

Motivation for the position
Being a member of the FC would be an optimal way to combine the knowledge I’ve gained in the national level of JEF as well as studies and work. I believe it would be a natural step forward and with the new challenges that it would provide, a significant opportunity to deepen my understanding of the civil society.

My Vision of the Future of JEF
Europe is facing significant challenges and the fate in common European approach has been questioned. Further discussion on the union’s future development is therefore needed. At the same time, current challenges allow JEF to show stronger participation in discussions. Furthermore, It is an excellent opportunity to develop the visibility and actions of JEF: improving internal coherence and actively taking initiative are ways to make the organization even more recognized in relevant fields.

My Opinion on the needed Political Commissions and Taskforces/Working Groups
With regard to the task forces, the need for sufficient internal and external communications is clear. Prioritizing in communications would help to reach wider crowds and would lead to a situation where JEF’s voice was heard more clearly. Regarding internal communications, the national delegations play a crucial role in maintaining the high quality of the organization and it is therefore important that we take the necessary steps to improve their possibility to operate effectively as well as cooperate with each other. As for Political Commissions, they will have to reflect and crystallize JEF’s approach towards current issues such as migration crisis and climate change – current global issues that exceed the geographical boundaries of Europe. I would like to discuss the way how PCs should be organized in the future as it is not always clear under which thematic group the subjects fall and where they can best be dealt with. I would like to be a (co-)chair of a Taskforce that focuses on external and internal communication. The Taskforce’s targets would include reaching new audiences, clarifying the image of JEF and making more efficient use of existing ways of communication.


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