Johannes BÖRMANN

lalaAbout Me
After graduating from Munich University in History and Economics, I followed the way of a real European and started a postgraduate master at the College of Europe to experience the feeling of Europe as a family. After this year with 120 amazing people from all over Europe (and beyond) I am taking the next step by doing an internship for the European Commission in Brussels the upcoming months. For almost 4 years, I was Vice-President of JEF Munich, one of the biggest JEF sections in Germany. I was able to contribute to and fundamentally shape its work by organising street events, workshops, Modelling EU Games and involving ordinary citizens at every opportunity in discussions about Europe. I am 27-year-old, born in Europe, and a proud Federalist. I am looking forward to seeing you all in Zurich and till then, feel free to contact me for any questions you have!

Motivation for the position
For a long time on the local and regional level of JEF, I have been working passionately to gain new members and convince more people of our goals. Additionally, the several tough discussions with citizens in the run-up to the European Elections 2014 proved me that the European Project needs new visions, ideas and aims. All these things JEF can offer. Therefore, I see it now as a responsibility to try to influence JEF Politics on A European level. The Problems and challenges for Europe as well as for our common dream of a federalist future are increasing. The disunity of Member States Governments and their failure to provide a vision and path for Europe out of the multiple crisis is the crucial moment for JEF to fill the void by putting forward is progressive, comprehensive, sustainable and federalist ideas. As a Member of the Federal Committee, I want to put all my efforts in advocating for our common vision of a federal Europe and encouraging decision-makers to build their politics on our approaches. For me, that means a great responsibility that I am more than willing to share with all the members of the Federal Committee. This crucial moment calls for a stronger JEF with a stronger voice on the European level, so that the hard work done by many JEFers locally, is reflected by hard work on the European level.

 My Vision of the Future of JEF
Europe is facing multiple challenges at the moment, which should not be restricted to the still unsolved Greece crisis or the ongoing Refugee crisis, but include also the rise of Europhobic parties and movements. The belief of the people in the European project, just to mention Schengen, has been shaken. The priorities of JEF in the next two years lies clearly in advocating for its message of A federalist Union and gaining back lost confidence in the European project internally and externally. Therefore JEF has to focus on achieving three major aims in the future:

  1. We have to stimulate discussions within JEF in order to sharpen our major ideas and to develop new and clear approaches to upcoming policy challenges to keep up the pace with current events.
  2. make our voice heard on the level of decision-makers and advocate for our ideas. Further to transpose our vision of a federalist Europe, we have to promote our answers to current political challenges to show our ability to deal with Realpolitik.
  3. Last but not least reaching out to the citizens of Europe in order to reconcile them with the European project and offering thereby alternatives to an intergovernmental deadlock. The support for the European integration still prevails all over Europe, but it has to be filled with new energies and ideas. All things we can offer as “a generation ahead”.

When borders are being closed again, as happening now, JEF has to act and spread its message: a united, federal Europe of solidarity and Cooperation without borders!
Due to my long-lasting academic and practical experience in European Neighbourhood Policy and European External relations I would be really much interested in heading the Political Commission 3. I regard it as big chance to develop in cooperation with the other PC members strategies for the future orientation of Europe towards the world and its Neighbourhood in specific. I gained deep insights into actual European Foreign Policy by working at the EU Delegation in Tel Aviv and for a German Foundation in Jerusalem/Jenin. Simultaneously, my complete Master studies at the College of Europe as well as my Master thesis were focused on European Policy in the Neighbourhood. Europe’s future will be decided also in its Neighbourhood and JEF must be able to define here a clear vision, too.

My Opinion on the needed Political Commissions and Taskforces/Working Groups
In my opinion, all PCs, as well as the Task Forces/Workings Groups worked very well at large but so far I lack the necessary insights to suggest fundamental changes. The Political Commission 3 will be the focus for me.


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