fotoAbout Me
My name is Luca Lionello. I am 29 years old. I am a lawyer and a lecturer of EU law. I joined JEF in 2005 when I was a young student at the University of Milan and  a group of Jeffers stopped me on the street to make me sign a federalist petition. A new world then opened for me! First, I got in touch with a group of wonderful people all around the continent: passionate young activists, who work hard to make Europe a better place! At the same time, JEF convinced me that European federalism is the only political project which can work for Europe today: united in diversities, multilevel democracy, protection of human rights, sharing sovereignty! No other parties or political movements are as committed as JEF to pursue these objectives! Years by years I worked hard in my city with my JEF local section and I have started participating in JEF events at national and European level. In 2009 I was elected FC member, where I served as co-chair of PC1 on the institutional changes of the EU. Few years later, in 2013, I was elected President of JEF Italy. During my mandate, I did my best to keep my national section committed in JEF activities. We have participated in most of the JEF campaigns, including Democracy under pressure and the Move Europe forward. In November 2014, we have organized a memorable  JEF FC in Bologna, where many Jeffers from all around Europe participated. After the end of my presidency in May 2015, I realized, I can still do a lot for JEF and our political cause. That’s why I am running for the FC again!

Motivation for the position
At the beginning my girlfriend was a bit doubtful about my candidacy, but when I explained to her how important JEF Europe is for me and how significant the role of the Federal Committee is for the functioning of our organization, she was happy, I decided to run. I gained a lot of experience serving JEF at local, national and European level for more than ten years and I still have a lot of enthusiasm.
If I was elected in the FC, I would love to share my experience with younger Jeffers, maybe working in the Presidium or as a PC chair or co-chair. As I have a specialization in EU law, I would probably do my best working with legal subjects, such as the ongoing transformation of the European Union or the internal regulation of JEF. At the same time, I would be very happy to work with the task force on communication and social media.
If I was elected in the FC as PC chair or presidium member, my action plan would consist of

  • creating and improving JEF platforms on fb or other social media to constantly debate European issues with Jeffers at all level;
  • sharing documents (i.e. papers, articles, essays) on current European issues (through a mailing list);
  • organizing every year at least a couple of meetings in a local section to discuss the work of the pc/presidium;
  • having a monthly skype call with the EB and the PCs chairs to coordinate the work of the FC.

My Vision of the Future of JEF
Jeffers are a generation ahead.  They have a vision for the Europe of tomorrow and a lot of energy to make it come true. As we are living in extraordinary times, where our European values are at stake, I think JEF should focus on at least three priorities. First, JEF should lobby with all its forces to make Europe finally face and solve current emergencies, such as immigration and the completion of the economic and monetary union. Second, JEF should strengthen its internal functioning by increasing the communication and the relationship between sections at European and national level. The last EB did a great job and I think  the new board should continue on this path. Third, JEF should get stronger. We have to focus on membership convincing more and more people to join our organization and extend our presence to new countries. External communication and fundraising should be a very important priority for  JEF.

My Opinion on the needed Political Commissions and Taskforces/Working Groups
I think the PCs and the Task Forces  represent a very important moment of discussion within JEF to discuss problems and priorities for Europe and our organization. At the same time, it is important to make these discussions more effective and useful, by turning them in external positions, PRs, public actions, and campaigns. For this reason, it is crucial that the PCs and Task Forces remain strongly connected with the EB. I think we will need at least three PCs (EU institutional transformation, European internal policies and European external policies) and four Task Forces (fundraising, media and communication, political campaigns, development of sections and recruitment).


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