image2About Me
I hold an MA in Public Management and is currently living between Brussels and Barcelona. I am involved in numerous social and political organisations and worked as a public administration consultant for the last 6 years. in June 2014,  I was chosen as a JEF Ambassador for the Structured Dialogue and in December 2015, I was elected as the international officer in JEF Catalunya. I love discussing politics, traveling and meeting other cultures and watching v.o. movies

Motivation for the position
From my point of view, the person leading the JEF Structured Dialogue, need to have a recurrent and structured communication and coordination with the Board, FC and national and local session. I am running to be elected as a direct member for the congress because I would like to provide feedback, in a systematic way, to the Federal Committee members regarding the JEF Structure Dialogue and, when needed, the EU partnership around it.  I think that being both JEF SD  Ambassador and the member of JEF FC will contribute to the improvement of the communication, collaboration and coordination with the all the JEF actors involved, making the SD process more effective.

My Vision of the Future of JEF
Create a more democratic and federal Europe is one of the most important challenges in the next years and I think that JEF should play a big role making it happen. In the next two years, JEF should focus on being a more relevant actor in the European decision-making process, especially in the issues regarding youth. To increase this relevance of JEF more coordination between the JEFfers and, especially, JEF people is needed.

My Opinion on the needed Political Commissions and Taskforces/Working Groups
In my opinion, the current political commissions and taskforce/working groups are working properly so I propose to go on with the current model. however, I think that SD should not be linked/associated with a single Political Commission, It should be something (e.g. taskforce) cross. I would like to create a structural and formal taskforce/working group around the JEF structured dialogue process. if agreed, in this group, we could discuss topics regarding current partnerships and networks with other EU Stakeholders or International Non-Governmental Youth Organizations (INGYOs).


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