About me
I am a 23 years old European student. I have a bachelor in Economics and I am currently attending a Master in Corporate Finance at ESCP Europe a European Management School. Thanks to my Master I had the opportunity to spend a year I Berlin, four months in Luxembourg and now I am studying in Paris for a year. While I was still in Turin, I was a member of the local branch of European Youth Movement for three years. During this period, I participate as a member at different events such as conferences prepared for high school students and street activities to increase the citizens’ awareness about Europe and European institutions. I covered the role of secretary of the Turin branch sponsoring activity with other associations, such as Donne per la Società civile, who became our partners, and inside the University of Turin. I made some public speeches about the importance of Europe and the need of a stronger and federalist integration during conferences such as at the event Muoviti per l’Italia and during the anniversary of the 25th of April.

Motivation for the position
I strongly believe in the future of Europe as a strong Federal Union of states and I feel being a European citizen even before an Italian one. I am proud of my European culture and education and I would like Europe to be a cultural, social, economic and political model for other countries and people worldwide. In order to realise this objective, I am keen of share my experience and my enthusiasm with other people trying to convince them about the existence of a social Europe close to the citizens and not only an institutional one. I would like to continue to contribute in the process of creating a stronger Europe.

My vision of the future of JEF
I would like to see a stronger and better integration between the activities of the local JEF entities at all levels. Members of local entities should feel to be part of a real European group that organise more activities between different countries. JEF should also approach other youth organisation widespread around Europe in order to create synergies and increase its awareness between the European youth.


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