Monika ELEND

DSC_0767About Me
I hold a master degree in development and international relations from Aalborg University, Denmark. hold a vice-chair position in Europaeisk Ungdom Nordjylland (JEF Denmark section). Although I am a member only a year, ever since I joined the organization I have been actively involved in activities to strengthen organization’s position on a national and regional level. By reinforcing our regional section, we managed to build up stronger foundations nationally. By introducing new policy and adopting bilingual, Danish and English, a form of communication we managed to gain new, non-Danish, members. Through this policy change, we prevented exclusion of our new members from fully participating in national meetings and debates which have hitherto been held in Danish. Our new approach allowed us to hold events, debates not only in Danish but also in English which draw a lot attention in local media and international community in Nordjylland which enabled them to express their opinion and discuss certain topics close to them. The new tactic open doors and enabled us to connect the goals and objectives of JEF Europe to a much wider audience. As a person I am passionate about European politics, its work in regard to well-being of its citizens and world population, with a great interest in the development of the European integration and the future it holds for all of us.

Motivation for the position
I would like to express my candidacy for the Presidium of the Federal Committee. Due to the experience, I have gained while being in leadership positions in three different organizations and the organizational culture I have assimilated, I consider myself a fair candidate for the position. The current Federal committee has managed to do a good job, and therefore, I trust the new federal committee can continue their work and add new elements based on reality. I envisage my role in the FC as an active player, ready to take on tasks and communicate our main objectives with FC. I consider that the current democratic crisis, such as low political participation and a low level of trust in democracy, is a major problem and needs to be addressed.
I am a multiplier, and I can help different committees with my knowledge (which I gained through my active participation in many high-level conferences) on migration policy, security policy and human rights issues.

My Vision of the Future of JEF
My vision of JEF is expressed through our motto “Simply a generation ahead”, which means we need to take advantage or the current crisis in Europe and propose further and deeper integration in the European union. The first priority we need to consider is the fact that we need to strengthen our organization in its roots. Through this I mean to reinforce local sections. Because if more people will share our dream, then it will be easier to communicate our objectives to Europe’s population. The second priority will be to create the ability to respond faster to crises that threaten our unity and the European project. For instance: Brexit, Grexit, etc. Having a strong organization at its roots, and ability to respond fast to crises, the last objective of my vision will be to create a plan including clear steps towards more federal Europe.

My Opinion on the needed Political Commissions and Taskforces/Working Groups

  • Upgraded Democracy Taskforce (based on furthering the findings of the democracy upgraded project)
  • Energy Union Taskforce
  • Digital Single Market Taskforce
  • Economic and Monetary Union Taskforce
  • fiscal union Taskforce (in order to communicate and work together with the commission)
  • European Enlargement taskforce (Because some of our sections are not yet in the union, we need to address further enlargement)

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