Simone Cuozzo PortraitAbout Me
I am Simone, 29 years old. I graduated in Political Science and International Relations in Rome. My focus has always been mainly focused on European topics so that I got a post-graduate Master in European Studies and EU Project Management in Brussels. My activity as Political Science student in an international student association and my traineeship at the Permanent Representation of Italy to the UN provides me also a better understanding of what is the role of Europe in the international context. I entered JEF Rome in 2014 and from that moment I am totally devoted to the Federalist cause.

Motivation for the position
Entering JEF allowed me to drive my general pro-European spirit to the right direction: European Federation. I experienced working at local level in the JEF Rome section and participating to JEF Italy events. I believe that Federalist Europe is possible only through the crucial role of JEF Europe as leader and coordinator of the whole organization.  I am applying to the FC of JEF Europe because I strongly believe this is the right moment to push for this goal. I would like to bring my contribution and my experience in working in a European and International context. I am ready to take my responsibility as FC member, leading a task force or in a PC in promoting federalist proposals. Being elected to the FC, I am interested in the position of Vice-chair of Political Commission 3 on External Affairs and Global Governance. Thanks to my studies and work experience I can offer my expertise to this Commission. I wrote my master’s thesis on the External Action of the EU, specifically on the European diplomatic service. I also spent my traineeship at the UN, working at the Security Council Reform. In this PC, for example, I would like to discuss:

  • the revision of 2003 European Security Strategy
  • the potential role of EU delegations as real EU embassies and consulates in the Third Countries;
  • how to move forward towards a Common European Defense being part of NATO;
  • EU in the UN reform process.

These are just a few examples of the issues I would bring to the discussion in this PC. My personal commitment for the next two years will be to favour those JEF Europe’s political positions and campaigns that will be able at raising the awareness of politicians and public opinion about the need of a stronger Europe, able to speak with one voice and act as a whole in the International context. In conclusion, my experience at last International Seminar in Ventotene gave me the opportunity to meet non-European participants, some of them members of World Federalist Movement, discussing with them about many International issues. This encounter reinforced my belief that Federalist theory applied to many crisis around the world would represent the best solution to solve them. During my activity as FC member, I would like JEF Europe to maintain an active dialogue and cooperation with Federalists outside Europe.

My Vision of the Future of JEF
If we have a look at Europe now, we may easily see how desperate the need of a vision is. JEF and Federalists, generally speaking, shall bring their vision of the future to the attention of European public opinion. The economic crisis and migration are only two examples that justify the creation of a Federal Europe. We shall improve our communication strategy especially towards young Europeans, making them even more clear that their future is strictly connected to that of Europe. Even if we are experiencing a renationalization of European politics, its failure is more than clear looking how the EU Member States are managing the Refugee crisis or Greek case. We shall improve the effectiveness of our action by elaborating proposals that are simple and easily understandable to general public opinion. At the same time, we shall assure a better coordination among JEF national and local sections in developing our activities. Twin partnership is a smart and effective practice to be promoted.

My Opinion on the needed Political Commissions and Taskforces/Working Groups
Personally I won’t change the focus of the existing Political Commissions. I believe they just need to be updated following the development of EU Issues. In particular PC2 shall be taken even more relevant in order not to focus our attention only on Institutional proposals that are often less appealing than Economic or Social issues. As concerns task forces, of course, there should be a review of their focus taking into account some hot topics that are mainly relevant in the EU. I would suggest task forces being involved in the organization of campaigns addressing issues like Migration, Unemployment, Relations with EU neighbours with federalist proposals and strategies that can be appealing to the public opinion. In conclusion, I believe we should create a specific task force dedicated to enhancing our communication strategy and being a reference for communication offices in JEF national and local sections.


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