Stefano ROSSI

Stefano Rossi 2015About Me
I’m a member of JEF Italy since 10 years, I’ve been Secretary of the local section of Turin, of Regional Section of Piedmont and in 2011 I’ve been appointed as treasurer of the JEF Italy. I have participated actively to the life of the JEF Italy, being involved in the most important political and organizational issue in the association, both at local and national level; in particular, I participated in Ventotene Seminar in 2008, 2009 and 2015. In my life I practice as a lawyer in an international law firm and I collaborate with some research bodies linked to the federalist movements.

Motivation for the position
Up to now I’ve been involved in JEF activities at local and national: now I’m really interested in the European level to contribute with my competence and with the experience I have gained during my long-lasting membership in JEF Italy. If I’ll be elected, I will participate actively to the activities of the Federal Committee: I wish I will have to opportunity to work together with the others national section, because I believe that a coherent European action is necessary to move towards a more federal and more democratic Europe.

My Vision of the Future of JEF
In consideration of the historical moment we are living in, I think that JEF should be an important leading actor for the next two years among the European Youth organization, and should be able to bring the federalist project into the European political stage. Thus, our priority should be to have a clear and united voice in order to spread the idea of a united Europe among the European society. moreover, we should collaborate with the MEPs and the National Parliaments to relaunch the constitutional process.

My Opinion on the needed Political Commissions and Taskforces/Working Groups
I think that the composition of the current PCs is good. We should implement the Taskforce “EP Election” into a Taskforce “MEPs network”. The relations with MEPs is strategical for JEF’s action in the next two years for many reasons. We will have no elections, the EP shall have a great power on the approval of the budget and may be the place in which the main political issues of the future of Europe shall be discussed, also because of the stronger link (in respect with the past years) between the Commission and the Parliament. As a Chair or vice-chair of the Taskforce “MEPs Network”, I would improve the communication with MEPs and arrange strategic actions in relation to specific issues such as immigration, EU budget, foreign affair and security, climate changes. Moreover, the creation of a stable network with MEPs would allow to increase the echo of our campaign, representing a possible link with the European and national political parties.


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