1175000_4621541395054_1396864735_nAbout me
I come from Milan, Italy, and I currently study International and Diplomatic Studies in Gorizia, in the eastern part of the country. I’m taken up with the treasure’s office for the local GFE-JEF section, that works as university association, too.

Because of my engagement in the local section and in the Italian Federal committee, I’m practically and spiritually involved in the federalist goal. Me and my JEF team are working on twinning projects with other sections around Europe because of our strong belief that cooperation through young brains that share the same ideas could be powerful and could create something great and decisive. For this reason, I would undertake this way, in order to actively contribute to change. I would like to join the New and Small sections taskforce because I would be active to improve the births of new sections in more university. These are the places where our actions would be more significant, especially if situated in countries where the Federalist debate is not evolved yet.

My vision on the future of JEF
A real, concrete vehicle to realize something better for all young people, not only the ones who embrace the federalist goal, operating on the topics that everybody cares, demonstrating that Europe can do something good for us, and the United States of Europe, at least, are the way. Jef will play a more visible role in young’s life, will be finally visible in the public matter, thanks to  a more coordinated and more incisive action, improving its work on universities through pacific and constructive debate.

My opinion on the needed political commissions and taskforces/working groups: They, of course, have to work on practical and feasible projects intended to sensitize the ones who are not yet Europeanist.


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